Monday, May 4, 2009

First Year Almost Over...That Can't Be Right??!!

I truly cannot believe this year is almost over. We won't even have been here a full year before we pack a few belongings and clothing and "move" to Pulaski, Virginia for ten weeks. We will be attending First Presbyterian Church Pulaski where Richard will complete his supervised ministy course (aka SM210). It is basically an internship. It is actually the same church where the pastor of our home church (Nazareth Presbyterian, Moore, SC) did his internship 20 or so years neat is that???!!! We all are looking forward to seeing what it is like to be "the pastor's family". The children are also quite excited, as they learned that one of the congregation members is a Carolina Panther player!!

We hear that the area is very beautiful and cannot wait to see what God has planned for us when we get there. The Lord continually amazes us with wonderful twists and turns in our lives!

Classes are coming to an end for Richard, and he will take final exams for the year next week. He has been so incredibly busy for the last couple of weeks, studying, writing papers, reading, being a husband, daddy, and friend. For his Preaching and Worship class many of his peers have had him help out with the music, so he has been learning lots of new worship songs on the guitar.

Richard just recently put together his own worship service for that class, and I was very moved at how "preacher like" he has become. Emery sang a song during his service and he accompanied her on guitar, his sermon was intriguing (his assignment was Epiphany), his prayers all heartfelt and beautiful, and his benediction actually put tears in my eyes.

I will admit, that as his wife, I used to find myself not able to listen to Richard while he was helping with or conducting a service. Instead I would find myself praying to God to calm him and give him a steady voice, steady hands and courage. God has molded him though in so many ways since we've been here that I find myself intently listening to my husband now, listening for the Word of God through him. I no longer feel compelled to pray for him while he is "doing the Lord's work".

Well that's my update for now...more to come in the next few days....or weeks :)

Grace, Peace, Love and Blessings!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow... I Haven't Posted Anything Yet!

Well, a lot has happened since December 10th, 2008!
*Richard finished exams and did very well...I'm so proud of his discipline and hard work!
*We were able to go to our amazing home church, Nazareth Presbyterian, for the last Sunday in Advent, and Richard was able to participate in the worship service
*We had a Simple and Glorious Christmas!
*After Christmas we went to Orlando, Florida where our oldest child participated in a "Talent Showcase" with a company called AMTC ...she received three callbacks and an audition...pretty exciting. She also sang the National Anthem at the December 14th Georgia Tech basketball game. When I learn how to do so I will add a YouTube link to her National Anthem singing.
*Richard (the fourth...not Daddy Richard) knocked a tooth out going down the sliding board...ouch! Thank the Lord it was a baby tooth! And, wow is he ever growing into an amazing athlete!
*Martha Bryan is...well... Martha Bryan...and even if nothing spectacular is happening with or around or to her..well, (for those of you who know Martha Bryan) she's just neat to be around and to watch and to listen to. You never know what she might have to say! I have certainly been amazed at her capability of understanding and "narrating" back to me some of the facts from the historical non-fiction books I read aloud to them.
*We played "musical rooms" in the upstairs of our apartment and combined Richard and Martha Bryan in order to have an official School Room...IT'S FANTASTIC!!! Maybe I'll learn how to post pictures and show it off!
*We also got a Guinea Pig for the children as their BIG Christmas present. I am WAY to freakishly worrisome about the little fella though...I'm always wondering if he is scared or hungry or happy or thirsty or sleepy or loved enough or loved too little...(see what I mean)!! The children named him Buddy...and he is absolutely adorable...again, maybe I can post a picture of him soon.
*THE most exciting news in the family though is that my sister had a baby on December 14th. She was born six weeks early (I think six weeks) but is doing very well! I haven't been able to hold her yet (Moss Evelyn is her name) but hopefully will be able to by the end of January.
*Richard is taking a short but intense January course called New Testament Sprituality. That class will be completed on January 23rd. Then full-time Spring Semester starts February 2nd.
*I was able to spend the night and help out at a Women's Shelter at First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta the other night and had such a good time. I met some outstanding ladies that I wish I could have spent more time with, but there was work to be done. I will MOST CERTAINLY be going back and doing that again! It was an unforgettable experience and I learned so much in my very short time there.

I think that is about it for now! Blessings to everyone!!

Growing In Christ,
Shay (for The Carr Family)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Test Entry...

This is a test entry...the "real" blogging will begin after the new year!